What we do

We are a global technology services company specializing in Data Center Storage Solutions, Analytics, Data Management and Consulting in the space of end to end Product Development and System Integration. We deliver product and services which solves enterprise need of managing data at scale more efficiently and effectively towards fulfilling business objectives and goals.

Data Center Storage Solution

Providing a Unified Scalable end to end storage solution for existing and new deployments in Data Centers with Zero downtime Architecture and  designed towards performance Intensive Cloud Applications.

Advanced Analytics and Data Management

Holistic approach towards managing complex data, deriving insight and enabling business in developing successful growth strategies to succeed in tomorrow’s marketplace.

Technology Consulting and Engineering Services

Product Engineering, System Integration and IT Infrastructure Management. Our IT Talent pool enables Partners in driving innovation across Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance of product through its complete lifecycle. 



Products are designed for scalability and seamless capacity expansion which provides cutting edge performance with low latency. Dynamic products cater to all enterprise workloads and the resilient architecture provides necessary redundancy.

Customized Services

  • Advance Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Product Engineering
  • Technology Outsourcing
  • System Integration

Unmatched Performance

Products and Solutions are fine tuned for high speed computing and real time data processing. This would enable organisations to transition from traditional spinning media to flash with multifold throughput improvement and low latency.

Scalable Solutions

Start small as a sapling and expand to a tree. We enable seamless storage expansion with growth of business for Small
& Medium business to Large enterprise customers. Every customer has different problem statement. We provide customized scalable offering keeping in mind the future needs of the customer.

24*7 Support

Irrespective of the product/service offering, we guarantee prompt support. Mission Critical deployments by default are offered 24*7 support.